I'm Ryan Dsouza

A Full Stack Cloud Native Engineer who loves working with the JS ecosystem and AWS


Ryan Dsouza

Team Lead
Shell Recharge Solutions

A brief intro

I love creating Webapps and deploying them to the Cloud (AWS). My main area of expertise is in JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, React, GraphQL, and AWS, but love experimenting with new languages like Rust and orchestration systems like Kubernetes. I love the idea of Serverless so I always strive to implement Serverless solutions in every project and follow the Well-Architected principles. I have worked with services like Lambda, ECS, Step Functions, SQS, AppSync etc. to create medium/large scale WebApps.

In my spare time, I write blogs here and on Dev Community on things like React, Node, Rust, and AWS. I hope to help others with these posts so that they get an easy way of doing the things that I experienced.

This portfolio is deployed on a VM using Hetzner and Docker Compose. This is served via Caddy with Cloudflare as a CDN.

Things I do to keep myself sane

I love to play the Ukulele and Iā€™m up for a jamming session! I also enjoy reading books/blogs especially about life, principles, and the world in general. I also love travelling, exploring cuisines of different places and cultures, and love cooking especially Indian and Italian šŸ˜‹

Ways to reach me

I have my contact info on the left/top and below (depending on your device resolution) where you can reach me via Email, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Cheers!